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Konverzace v anglickém jazyce


Konverzace v anglickém jazyce je povinným předmětem pro všechny studenty 1.- 4.ročníku. Je vyučována rodilými mluvčími. V 1.- 3.ročníku je dotace 1hodina, ve 4.ročníku pak 2hodiny.

Course Description and Objectives: While primarily a conversation course, the subject also focuses on the other three skills: listening, reading, and writing. It also helps students improve speaking skills by exploring various contemporary topics of interest eg. English speaking countries, their history, literature, politics, people etc. in depth.

The subject offers extensive conversation and speaking practice through the use of a variety of learning techniques, including group and pair exercises. The subject should also help students develop and organize their ideas, which will increase their confidence and, in turn, will help with their speaking.

The students’ levels vary from B1 level to C1, however the groups are homogenous


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